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Hey Realtors!  What do you do when your buyers can’t qualify for a loan right now? Or you get notified at the 11th hour that the lender can’t get your buyer approved for the loan they were counting on to complete the purchase? How frustrating is this, right? You’ve spent many months working with a potential buyer to finally find them the perfect home but the bank says NO! Now you’re left scrambling without any options to get your transaction to the finish line. 

Or mortgage lenders. What do you do when your buyers don’t qualify for your programs? Put them on an e-mail drip…..set reminders for follow up…and hope they come back to you? The reality is that 90% of these potential customers will just move on and you’ll never see them again. 

Referrals from REALTORS®, Lenders, Wholesalers, and Flippers.

As the foremost authority in the market on creative financing solutions with over 60 years of combined experience in mortgage and real estate investing, we specialize in helping buyers who can’t buy now STILL get into a home today!

You and I know that the more you can help people, the more valuable you are as a resource, which means more clients and more money for you!

Unfortunately, there are more people in the market that want to buy but can’t get financing from banks. Either they’ve had a credit hiccup, divorce, not enough time on a new job or they are business owners/self-employed and haven’t claimed enough income in the last 2yrs to qualify for a loan. On top of that… throw in Covid! We know that bad things happen to good people. 

Well, here’s your chance to still be Hero to your client!! 

WE CAN HELP THEM get a home RIGHT AWAY through a unique partnership program. If they qualify for the program they can even pick a home and lease it until WE CAN qualify them for a loan. They can start building equity and not throw away money in a traditional rental. 

If you ever run across a buyer who can’t get financing right now… don’t throw away that lead… you can still offer them a solution right NOW and differentiate yourself from the pack!

As an agent, your buyer gets a home NOW and if you’re a mortgage lender, you’ve got a future mortgage in the pipeline 1-3 years down the road and they will need YOU to help them get it done!  

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